“I had the pleasure of working with Martin in 2018 at five events organized by HEP Opskrba. Cooperation with him was easy, pleasant and professional. Martin possesses a natural talent for music as well as being a trained musician. His artistry and creativity in playing cello and accordion is something that makes him unique and special. Every minute of his contact with audience was extremely powerful and emotional. I highly recommend this young musician to anyone who expects remarkable performance of the highest standard.”

Nada Podnar
Marketing Director, HEP Opskrba

”I really enjoyed Martin Kutnar’s performance in Berlin Phiharmonic Chamber Music Hall on May 19th 2019 – and so did the whole audience as well! Martin is not only musically and techiqually very talented, he has also the talent of being a showman in an elegant and artistic way.”

Petri Makkonen
Composer, accordionist, accordion teacher

”It was a great experience to perform a duet of Violin and Accordion and some free improvised music with him. He is such a brilliant, amazing musician and extremely humble and wonderful person.”

Anupriya Deotale
Indian Classical Violinist